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Why Lux Fill?

  Safety-1. Patented Cross Link Technology  

The other factor which should be considered to choose good dermal filler is less swelling and other side effect factors. Regardless monophasic, biphasic or even major fillers, swelling risk is always existing. By reducing BDDE (compared with other fillers BDDE mixing rate 60%) and substituting this gap with its specialized cross linking technology called UHDT (Ultra High Density Technology), Lux Fill is realizing less swelling and other side effect factors.  

Luxfill | Luxfill Filler

  UHDT(Ultra High Density Technology)    


   Safety-2. Reliable Raw Material    

Lux Fill ensures the highest quality by following strict standards of the quality control EDQM listed materials : HA (150kDA heavy-molecular raw material / Lidocaine / BDDE )  
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